You Want To Scale, But You Can't Do It Alone

You’re a busy leader at a compliant company, but you’re feeling pulled in multiple directions. We get that. Between company growth and regulatory restraints, how do you do it all?

It should come as no surprise when you find out you can’t, and that’s not so bad! Thousands of people are in your position every day—that’s why MKC Cannabis Consulting Agency exists. Pairing proven strategies with a new and opportunity-filled market.

Cannabis is a complicated and evolving space. As you find and leverage a competitive niche, let us handle the rest. My team of pros live and breathe sales and marketing. After strategically aligning our services to your unique needs and goals as a compliant B2B cannabis company, my team and I will ensure every detail of your marketing tactics are deployed perfectly. You can focus on running your business while we drive your brand recognition, traffic, demand, leads, and even sales. Our content converts new leads, opens new doors for creative cannabis marketing, and drives revenue—after all, your success is our bottom line.

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About Megan Killion

Founder, CEO & Your New Best Bud

For the past 15 years, I have helped businesses expand their brand presence and achieve their goals as a fractional CMO and marketing consultant. During that time, I have also fought for cannabis legalization across Massachusetts and Florida, as well as engaged with my local jurisdiction through Liberty Action Florida.

My process is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the sales and marketing tools needed to thrive, including SDR training, brand kit refreshing, outbound refinement, and general marketing consultancy. MKC Cannabis services are all about supporting your growth, engaging with your audience, and putting you on a solid track to market success and profit.

With market inclusivity for cannabis growing across the world, so too will competition. Through transparent marketing, I want to help you be the best of the best.

My Strategic Approach

My service and sales consultancy begins with comprehensive onboarding to help identify gaps and opportunities. The result is a detailed report, including a project plan with realistic timelines and targeted ROI. As a marketing consultant, my individualized plans include quality services that will help you reach your goals quickly and smoothly.

As a cannabis advocate, you can expect an open-minded strategy that does not forget the considerations that are unique to the changing compliance space. I don’t believe that the sales journey for B2B cannabis technology is any different than other competitive industries—expect enterprise-level strategies that fit the inclusive cannabis culture you want to create.

During our consultation, I’ll help you uncover your vision, mission, brand, and impact on cannabis culture. Together we’ll design a custom strategy to achieve your long-term goals. We’ll connect during our continued engagement to discuss milestones and short-term tactics to scale towards the future you envision for your company rapidly, no matter your compliance jurisdiction.

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What Our Client's Say

“The brand kit MKC put together for Weedtech allowed us to really wow investors and ultimately resulted in us getting acquired, with an exit I’m very satisfied with, I owe at least part of it to Megan and her crew. I’ve known Megan for years. We worked together at RadioShack back in the day. I knew she did good work, but honestly, MKC knocked my socks off at a price that cannot be beaten. 10/10 would recommend”

Charles Poole

I consulted with MKC for my CBD wholesale company in the hopes they’d help us attract high-quality sales candidates and supplier partnerships. MKC saw our company for its true spirit and generated a beautiful and effective brand kit reflective of our mission and style. As it turns out, Megan and her team have an almost preternatural knack for seeing in people and their businesses the elements that can make them successful operations. But what separates her and her team from the competition is that they see these elements in the way that folks’ businesses need their prospective clientele and partners to see them. Then Megan and her crew expertly and elegantly connect those dots with branding and conceptual suggestions. Since my company’s consultation with Megan, we have brokered multiple successful partnerships with suppliers, and I’m confident we wouldn’t have been able to pull those triggers without our MKC facelift. I would absolutely not look anywhere else for future marketing and business consultancy needs. -

John Pomeroy New Naturals Distribution

“Before Megan, my website was nonexistent. I tried multiple consultants, agencies, and freelancers and it was always a headache. I overpaid, never got what I wanted and more than once was royally sc***** over by scammers. Once I brought Megan in, which I should’ve done in the beginning, everything went smoothly. She proactively managed me to get what she needed and in a matter of days, I had an initial framework. A few weeks later I had a site to be proud of. The rates were reasonable the work was impressive!”

Martha Bueno FGC

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