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Liberty Action Florida

Liberty Action Florida is a group of cannabis and liberty advocates in the state of Florida. Their team includes: Martha Bueno, Julia Hall, Megan Killion, Heather Schierferle, Brandi Hicks, Jamie Cain, and Dana Moxley Cummings.
They work with other orgs, like Floridians For Freedom to achieve reform. They helped get medical cannabis passed in Florida and continue to work on achieving recreational access in the state. They also work on issues such as LGBTQIA rights, tax reform, COVID response, and more!
MKC helped get them off the ground with a website and digital presence to be proud. We facilitated email campaigns and social media strategy that achieved over 10,000 petition signatures, and all on a shoestring budget. We continue to partner with LAF to push the state of Florida to accept eSignatures. A change that will make Florida freer for all people.